Jasmin Karatas

Builds games, gamified products, workshops and services based on emotions and creativity.

The Who

Product Designer and Gamification Specialist

Immersed in the worlds of gaming, gamification, and behavioral design, I guide businesses in channeling passion, value, and emotion. With a rich background as a product designer and gamification expert, I craft captivating products. My expertise lies in playfully engaging potential customers and users by blending innovation with interaction.

The what

Areas of Expertise

Jasmin Karatas - Consulting

Consulting & Advisory

Leveraging the power of emotions, science, and data to individualize user experiences, utilizing insights from the gaming industry, psychology, and design.

  • • Gamification & Serious Games
  • • Metaverse & Web3
  • • Coaching & Mentoring
Jasmin Karatas - Consulting

Workshops & Inspiration

Using the knowledge of the gaming industry combined with a background in user experience, metaverse, and social media to inspire people.

  • • Gamified Workshops & Serious Games
  • • Escape Games & game-like Methods
  • • Inspirational talks & Keynotes
Jasmin Karatas - Consulting

Creative Concepts

Designing gamified products, innovative concepts for apps, content creation, or learning journeys, and more by combining behavior and strategic design..

  • • Innovative & Gamified Products
  • • Employee Branding & Loyalty
  • • Gamified eCommerce & Branding
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The why

Services and Offering

Are you looking to embed your products with innovative and emotionally engaging gamification experiences, but find it challenging to merge business objectives with the playful essence of games? Do you aspire to instill motivation and loyalty within your brand and company?

I am ready, if you are:

UX & Gamification Design

Since 2009, I have devoted myself to crafting exceptional user experiences and digital products. Throughout my journey, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed organizations such as Volkswagen, Accenture, and VFL Wolfsburg, among others.

UX & Gamification Design

Knowledge & Expertise Sharing

Close partnerships with universities and leading experts provide me with access to cutting-edge insights in the fields of gamification, gaming, the metaverse, web3, and psychology. These collaborations enable me to deliver the most up-to-date and effective strategies for products and services.

Knowledge & Expertise

Workshop facilitation & Method development

Specialized in developing and facilitating unique workshops, immersive role-playing games, engaging escape games, gamified branding experiences, and personal development initiatives.


Ready for the Next Level?

If you want to know more or are interested in understanding how I work and how we can work together, feel free to book a call.

Imagine long nights in a library, the scent of old books filling the air, or the endless meetings in stark office rooms. What if these moments were as captivating as a game?

Consider how we might tackle challenges like environmental pollution with the fervor and strategy of game players, where the prize is not points, but the health of our planet.

If you would like to work with me on something like this, feel free to send me anemail.

Jasmin Karatas
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